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Washington State – Links

Northwest Origins An Introduction to the Geologic History of Washington State – Burke Museum; Catherine L. Townsend & John T. Figge

Washington State – Books

Hiking Washington’s Geology – Scott Babcock & Bob Carson

North Cascades - Links

Geologic Map of the North Cascades Range – Ralph A. Haugerud & Rowland W. Tabor

Geology of the Methow Valley – Julian D. Barksdale

Methow Valley Geologic History and Mapping - USBR

Emplacement of The Twin Sisters Dunite – Donal M. Ragan

Geology of the Doe Mountan Quadrangle - Victoria R. Todd

North Cascades – Books

Geology of the North Cascades – A Mountain Mosaic - Ralph A. Haugerud & Rowland W. Tabor

Columbia River Basalt Group – Links

A Summary of Columbia River Basalt Group Geology….Hydrology – Columbia Basin GWMA of Adams, Franklin, Grant and Lincoln Counties

Influence Of Basalt On The Terroir Of The Columbia Valley American Viticultural AreaK. R. Pogue, Department of Geology Whitman College