Rocks for Brains


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a rocksforbrains specimen?
rocksforbrains specimens are primarily available for sale at exhibits in galleries or select retailers in the Pacific Northwest. See News/Events for scheduled exhibits. Prices available upon request. Contact us about specific specimens or a custom request.

How do I care for my rock? – Care for your rock depends on your preferences.

  • Rocks that have been sealed should be re-sealed every couple of years – or – left to return to its natural state by not applying further coats.
  • Rocks with polished faces can be cleaned regularly with cleaning products used for polished rock counter-tops etc…
  • Rocks with no treatment require no care other than dusting.
  • Wheels can pick up dust/dirt. Wiping them with a clean cloth and WD40 will brighten their look.

Can I sit on my rock?
Each caster is designed to support 225 lbs. rocksforbrains specimens typically weigh in at 200 – 300 lbs so your rock would support you. Not all rocks have been designed with sitting in mind. Some are better used as an end table and some simply as a specimen that represents one of your favorite places. Note that for liability reasons rocksforbrains does not recommend sitting on the specimens at an exhibition without the assistance of exhibit staff.

Will the casters harm my floors?
No. Clean casters are safe on all surfaces, wood, tile, stone, etc…

Will rocksforbrains deliver the rocks?
Yes. Delivery is $200 for addresses within a 50 mile radius of Bellevue WA. - or the point-of-sale. Delivery costs beyond the 50 mile radius and addresses without level entry will be priced on a case by case basis. Currently, delivery price includes a crate for future storage and transport.

What is the rocksforbrains warranty policy?
The rocks have been around awhile and will be for a long time when treated with the love respect they deserve. rocksforbrains will replace defective wheels for a period of 3 years from the date of delivery for specimens enjoyed under normal conditions.